In addition to English language, civics and IT instruction, Riverside offers these services to our students:

  • Counseling services – our students are in the turbulent early resettlement period and our dedicated counselor provides support with issues such as housing, health insurance, LGBTQ support, college applications, financial aid and domestic violence. In complex cases where a student may not yet have a sufficient command of English, the counselor works with Riverside staff who can provide interpretation assistance in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French and many other languages

  • Conversation Practice – A special part of our program, Riverside’s numerous volunteers spend hours each week with our students to help them practice their English skills. Conversational English builds our students’ confidence in their ability to use what they have learned in the classroom, in the outside world and prepares them well for their new life in America.

  • Job readiness – Riverside prepares students to join the US workforce, by connecting them with job placement services including resume writing, interview preparation and job search resources

  • Referrals – We are passionate about advocating for our students until they can advocate for themselves and we partner with many community organizations and agencies throughout New York City, to promote our students’ health and happiness throughout the resettlement process

  • Language Workshop resources – Our Language Workshop is equipped with brand-new laptops and free online English language instruction resources including Rosetta Stone, allowing our students to develop and polish their language and IT skills. The Workshop houses our lending library of books and periodicals for ESOL students, as well as reference books, dictionaries, English-language DVDs and careers/job-readiness manuals